Pieter Watson


  • Grad Dip Business Studies
  • Post Grad Dip Education (Adult Education)

Professional Membership

Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)

Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA)


Training and development has been a specialist focus for Pieter in his career. He knows the benefit and cost of focusing staff on quality in order to efficiently achieve the organisation's goals, and the role of written procedures to enable rapid learning and implementation. During Pieter's 15 years in the tertiary sector he has helped new and existing tertiary education organisations achieve success with NZQA accreditations, approvals, audits & evaluations, degree applications and monitoring, programme approvals & changes, self assessment and external evaluation & review.

Pieter has successfully assisted several organisations with Category 1 EER outcomes, as well as TEC funding applications, Investment Plans and Single Data Return reporting. He has been the National Manager of a SAC-funded PTE that also had international students and which ran ESOL and foundation courses as well as multi-year qualifications including a Bachelors with staircasing to polytechs and international universities.

Along with quality assurance and communication within organisations, he is skilled and experienced in market analysis and marketing. He is specially interested in stakeholder engagement to ensure optimum educational outcomes that align with community aspirations as well as industry need.

For the Graduate Diploma Pieter researched quality reporting within PTEs, including how the various Student Management Systems can be used to track and report student achievement.

His special interest is how the quality focus within TEOs aligns with
current NZQA emphasis on Self Assessment, and with the TEC emphasis on Education Performance Indicators. He has read and analysed hundreds of EER reports.

Pieter has a proven record of providing practical training and documentation to ensure staff are engaged with relevant measures and procedures. By identifying shared goals and streamlining reporting he has helped bring positive outcomes for many organisations.

He has run workshops on self assessment and EER at several ITENZ conferences, including "Self assessment starts with a Y" at the September 2014 ITENZ conference.

Contact Pieter: pwatson@qedassociates.co.nz or 021 734967

Feedback from clients

Appreciated Pieter's honesty and humour.

Found QED’s input into our EER preparation process extremely valuable. We especially appreciated your advice on the areas that we needed to highlight in terms of organisational best practice that aligned with what would be deemed significant by NZQA.

Thank you for your assistance in prepping us for our EER, your help was invaluable.

Our staff were very positive about yesterday's session and are starting to feel much more confident about what sort of results talk to get used to; it will no doubt have benefits beyond the EER itself. Thank you for the effort and thought you put into our team.