Want the best possible outcome from your NZQA External Evaluation and Review?

QED are specialists in evaluation and review. We can assist you to develop capability in Self Assessment with a robust system for the best possible EER result.

Many of our clients have used our services prior to their NZQA EER to:

  • Set up and initiate an internal self assessment process
  • Carry out pre EER evaluation and review to familiarise staff with the process
  • Ensure that internal communication is aligned with NZQA terminology (or at least does not confuse the evaluators)
  • Benchmark educational performance and develop an improvement plan
  • Identify potential areas of non-compliance with the criteria for on-going PTE registration and accreditation
  • Review the effectiveness of their own internal quality management policies and procedures
  • Review specific systems pertaining to Code of Practice compliance
  • Review and report the outcomes of internal self assessment 
  • Contribute to annual programme review