Terms and Conditions

Learner Information

The Learning Contract

To make the learning environment a safe, secure place to work in we ask you to agree that it is a place where

●       we co-operate rather than compete                      ●       we respect the views and beliefs of others

●       we can learn by our mistakes                                ●       it is OK to change your mind

●       cultural difference is valued                                   ●       discussions are confidential so we may share without fear

Please note that smoking and the consumption of alcohol are not permitted during training.

Please be considerate with cell phone use.

Entry Criteria

Entry to the workshop is open to all who meet the recommended entry criteria.  (Note: the criteria may differ from one workshop to the next based on unit standard prerequisites and client requirements).

Vulnerable Children Act 2014

If, in your work, you teach learners who are 18 years old or younger you must undergo a safety check to show that you comply with the Vulnerable Children Act 2014.  Your employer should organise this as part of your employment contract.  If you are unsure whether you have been safety checked ask your employer.

Health and Safety Procedures

Your facilitator will make you aware of emergency evacuation procedures and any potential hazards in the training environment. Should you see anything hazardous in the training environment bring it to the attention of the facilitator immediately.

Learning Support

QED staff are available for guidance and support during normal office hours and, if appropriate, outside of those hours.  Please discuss with your facilitator any workshop-related problems.  Staff guarantee strict confidentiality.  If you need guidance and support outside the expertise of your facilitator, please ask for details of other sources of support.

Typical community support and guidance available in the Auckland area:

Citizens Advice Bureau                                              305 Queen Street, Auckland                        Ph:    (09) 377 3314

NZ Income Support Services                                     450 Queen Street, Auckland                        Ph:    (09) 367 6310

Hearing Clinic                                                                                                                                          Ph:    (09) 524 9847

Phone counselling                                                       11am - 11pm                                                   Ph:    (09) 376 6633

NZ Employment Service                                            326 Karangahape Rd, Auckland                 Ph:    (09) 309 3318

NZQA (certificates, participant disputes etc)           PO Box 160, Wellington                                Ph:    0800 QAHELP

Special needs

If you have any special needs which impact on your ability to undertake training and assessment, please discuss these with your facilitator at the commencement of the training/assessment.  Your facilitator will then make arrangements with you on how these will be accommodated.

Assessment & reassessment

If you elect to undertake the assessment for the workshop you will be given full details as part of the training.  You can resubmit your work for assessment as many times as you need to within 3 months of completing the training.  If you take longer than this a reassessment fee of up to $150 may apply.  You must submit work for assessment in English unless otherwise arranged.  Submissions in Te Reo Maori will be accepted provided this is negotiated prior to submission of the work.  To enable participants to achieve all unit standard outcomes facilitators may on occasion extend the 3 month completion period.  In this case a revised completion date will be agreed with the participant.

To assist you with the completion of assessed work within the 3 month period allowed for completion you will be given:

•     the opportunity to establish a “study buddy / buddies“ before the facilitator closes the face to face part of the workshop

•     contact details of your facilitator / assessor who will answer any queries you might have

•     reminders by your in-house training manager (– where appropriate)

•     a reminder by the QED administrator one month before the deadline for submission of assessed work

Assessment Appeals

If you want to appeal against an assessment result tell your assessor / facilitator within 14 days of receipt of the assessed work.  If you and the assessor / facilitator cannot reach agreement the Management and Delivery Team will consider the appeal.  If satisfaction is not reached your case will be referred to an external assessor.

Recognition of Prior Learning or Current Competence

We acknowledge and support the right of learners to gain credit for existing skills and knowledge through the process of recognition of prior learning.  If you let us know that you wish to have existing skills and knowledge recognised a process of assessment of this prior learning will be begun.  Credit will be allocated to you if you meet the assessment requirements.

Credit Transfer

If you can show us that your NZQA Record of Achievement shows achievement of a unit standard/s that is a component in a programme you will be given credit and will be exempted the unit or units you have achieved.

Disciplinary Procedures

If you endanger the learning environment by consciously disregarding the learning contract you will be reminded verbally to abide by the contract.  Should your behaviour re-occur, you will be given a written request to abide by the contract.  If the behaviour continues, you will be asked to leave the workshop.


If you have a complaint about QED or one of our staff members:

•     In the first case, raise it with the QED facilitator/staff member most closely concerned.

•     If it is not resolved, write to the Administrator of QED at PO Box 34 - 357 Birkenhead, North Shore Auckland 0746 and it will be considered at the next meeting of the QED Management and Delivery Team.

•     If you are not satisfied with the Management and Delivery Team’s response contact NZQA at Wellington - Ph: (04) 802 3000.

Fees Information, Withdrawals and Refunds

Full fee details are shown in the email or web information, which advertises a workshop and are reproduced below.  If you are paying the fee yourself we can only accept payment after the workshop. You will qualify for the reduced fee if you pay within the first week after the workshop. .  A cheque is acceptable, if identification is provided.  With workshops funded by employers, QED will have negotiated an all-up fee, which includes GST, materials and other costs.

Training fees per public workshop (note that ‘in house’ fees will vary from those below):

•  Module 1 Plan and preparing for training & education $675+GST per participant, $625+GST special early-bird rate

•  Module 2 Deliver and facilitate training& education $675+GST per participant, $625+GST special early-bird rate

•  Module 3 Assess Performance& review teaching & learning $675+GST per participant, $625+GST special early-bird rate

•  Module 4 Plan and prepare advanced learner -centred learning $675+GST per participant, $625+GST special early-bird rate

•  Module 5 Facilitate advanced learner -centred learning $675+GST per participant, $625+GST special early-bird rate

•  Module 6 Design and evaluate assessments $675+GST per participant, $625+GST special early-bird rate

•  Module 7 Moderate and quality assure assessments $675+GST per participant, $625+GST special early-bird rate

•  Module 8 Critically review and improve own teaching practice $675+GST per participant, $625+GST special early-bird rate

Note:  If you cannot attend, you may substitute another staff member for the workshop place.  No refund is available when an employer pays the fees.

Information about you and your results

Information about you and your learning achievements is governed by the Privacy Act, which QED follows closely.  There are three reasons why QED might need to provide copies to other people of your personal information.  They are:

·       To send assessment results to NZQA so that your ‘Record of Achievement can be updated with new credits or qualifications added to it.

·       To make photocopies of some of your assignments to use when the assessment is moderated by another person or persons. The purpose of moderation is to make sure that the assignment is fair, valid and consistent.

·       To report on your progress to an employer who is paying for all or part of your training.  The employer may also ask for a summary of the overall workshop evaluation, in which case you may contribute to that evaluation.

When you sign the enrolment form you give permission to QED to pass on your learning material and learning results to a restricted number of other people.  If you have any concerns about your personal information being transmitted to other people, please contact the Administrator or a Director at QED Associates Ltd.  Ph: (09) 818 4289 or email admin@qedassociates.co.nz.

Declaration of interests of governing members of QED Associates

Aly McNichol is a governing member of QED Associates Ltd and she is also a governing member of the NZ Mentoring Centre Ltd which operates in a different area of education and training from QED Associates Ltd.  As such no material conflict of interest exists.  The other governing members of QED Associates Ltd do not have any interests in other education or immigration sector organisations.

Workshop approval/status

QED Associates Ltd is rated a Category 1 provider by NZQA.  This is the highest category available and reflects our long term commitment to quality education and training.  All our training workshops are of short 1-3 day duration.  QED Associates has NZQA approval and accreditation for the Level 4 and 5 programmes  leading to the NZ Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching. QED Associates also has NZQA Consent to assess a range of standards including all those in its workshops.