QED offer training in quality teaching and in quality management.

QED quality teacher training is centred around the QED Professional Development programme, below. QED quality management training is centred around NZQA requirements for example in Self Assessment for EERCode of Practice, Consistency of Graduate Outcomes, and Compliance accountability reporting.

A. Professional Development Programme

QED is pleased to offer its NZQA approved QED Professional Development programme in the new NZ Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching levels 4 and 5. For more info on these please see NZCATT Level 4, and NZCATT Level 5, and the Professional Development programme.

The QED Professional Development programme is modular, with modules 1-3 making up the Level 4 certificate, and modules 4-8 the Level 5 Certificate. Both certificates include Unit Standards based assessments that relate to quality teaching and learning. Please note that while participation in Module 3 is required, achieving the unit standards is not necessary to be awarded the NZCATT level 4. However, many providers and  ITOs require them for consent to assess. We therefore strongly recommend completing the assessments. 

Where participants already hold a teaching qualification or credits they may choose not to be assessed and just participate in the interactive workshops instead. 

For more information please see the specific workshops below. Or you can contact us or phone 09 818 4289 or email us.
To enrol please follow this link to the QED Enrolment form.
Usual venue: Laidlaw College, 80 Central Park Drive, Henderson
These courses can all be customised to suit, and we offer 'in-house' training customised to the client's staff needs. Phone Andy Leader on 027 2224180

B. Quality Management training

These QED Associates workshops are for people with management or administration roles ensuring that their organisation’s policies and procedures are up to date, relevant and being followed by staff. Increasingly we are seeing quality providers sending multiple staff to ensure that their professional needs are met for Self Assessment for EER, Code of Practice, and Consistency. For more information on specific workshops please use the links above. Or contact us, phone 09 818 4289, or email us.

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