What people say about our training

Very useful and relevant
I have a new awareness about learning needs and practical tools which enable me to identify and meet some of those needs.
I can now talk comfortably to small and large groups of people especially our target audiences.
practical suggestions for what to do now
absolutely all of the workshop content was relevant to our PTE
definitely implement all in the next six months.

Code of Practice Inhouse PD

Thank you so much Pieter for such a brilliant workshop last Wednesday. Was fantastic to see such engagement from across my team, and that was largely because of your masterful facilitation skills and extensive knowledge of the Code. Ngā mihi! "

Category 1 PTE Director Bay of Plenty

Pieter, thank you so much for your professional assistance. 

We are well pleased with our draft result.  Please find our draft EER report for your perusal.   

I have found your assistance invaluable and I know my staff have appreciated your words of wisdom and input...

Category 1 provider already Auckland

Thanks Pieter... you have a gift with words. However, I suspect it is more that you have a gift with words and have worked hard to hone your skills to a very high level. I’m all good with what you have amended...

Consistency workshop participants Auckland and Christchurch

"Fantastic - very worthwhile" and "a great introduction to consistency", specially "the example reviews and surrounding discussion, timelines for task completion" and "demystifying the process, understanding our part in the process."

EER workshop participants Lake House Arts Centre

“useful insight into what NZQA wants” and “very useful and thought provoking”. Others see it as “very informative and I am leaving with a huge list of tasks” and “absolutely, already am” using what they’d learned. 

Code of Practice particpants 2018 Code workshops

The best part of the workshop was breaking down the Code and how it relates to my JD - a great experience. Would love my whole workplace to receive training on the Code: LA.R. - May 2018.

Informative and enjoyable - absolutely will be able to use what we've learnt at this workshop: B.T. .

Self Assessment for EER May workshop

The most useful part of the workshop:

  • The focus on data and data analysis, how to present
  • Mapping KEQs to TEIs and responding to them
  • Structure of the EER, ours to tell evidence, back up, improvements - triangulate!
  • How you will be able to use what you have learnt at this workshop:

  • Involving other staff members so that everyone knows what's happening
  • Pass on the info to management and staff
  • Fine tune self assessment and conduct preparation workshop
  • Can apply to preparation for our August review.
  • Overall rating for today's workshop: 94%