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QED Associates Ltd is a Category 1 private training provider (PTE) registered and accredited with NZQA since 1996.  To keep up to date with QED News, visit our newsletter page to see previous newsletters, subscribe to future publications or connect with us with LinkedIn.

We offer a range of specialised consultancy services and workshops for PTEs, and large corporate and small commercial organisations.

Check out our service pages for details on how we can help you and your organisation achieve its goals and meet compliance requirements.

We have a proven track record, of achieving positive consultancy outcomes for organisations and delivering quality training. We are a full and active member of ITENZ (Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand) and regularly participate in or present at ITENZ conferences.

QED provides specialist professional services to assist our clients to

●       develop systems

●       develop curriculum

●       improve organisational performance

●       implement change.

What clients say about our training:

Very useful and relevant
I have a new awareness about learning needs and practical tools which enable me to identify and meet some of those needs.
I can now talk comfortably to small and large groups of people, especially our target audiences. 

Practical suggestions for what to do now
Absolutely all of the workshop content was relevant to our PTE
Definitely implement all in the next six months.

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2023 Code of Practice Self-Review Executive Summary 

At QED Associates, we place a strong emphasis on aligning our operational goals with the Code of Practice and the Tertiary Education Strategy. We are dedicated to ensuring that QED remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional pastoral care while advancing the broader goals of our tertiary education sector. Our self-review process is designed to assess our alignment with these pivotal documents.

Alongside the implementation of the Pastoral Care Code of Practice, our commitment to aligning with the Tertiary Education Strategy underscores our dedication to advancing New Zealand's tertiary education sector's broader goals. Specifically, our strategic goals have been aligned with the objectives of both documents ensuring that QED is in alignment with the sector's priorities and values.

During our self-review process, we identified specific gaps that require attention. To enhance our pastoral care and support for our students, we have formulated the following goals:
●       Strengthen the integration of student well-being support services to achieve a holistic approach in line with the Code's first outcome.
●       Enhance the student engagement framework to facilitate more active student participation in decision-making processes, aligning with the second outcome of the Code.
●       Develop a comprehensive online safety framework and establish a safe in-person environment to meet the Code's third outcome.
●       Continue to cultivate a secure and supportive learning community for our students, consistent with the fourth outcome of the Code.
●       Promote greater engagement with Te Tiriti ō Waitangi to foster an understanding of Māori culture and tikanga, reflecting the values of the TES.
●       Focus on reducing barriers to access, and ensuring equitable opportunities for all learners, as outlined in the TES.

To achieve these goals, we have devised a clear implementation plan. We will involve all relevant stakeholders and allocate the necessary resources to ensure the successful execution of these objectives. 

We are committed to the ongoing monitoring and review of our progress toward achieving the identified goals. Regular operational plan reviews, conducted every year, will provide us with the means to assess the effectiveness of the newly implemented improvements.

Our commitment to aligning our institutional goals with the Code of Practice and the Tertiary Education Strategy remains steadfast. We are confident in our ability to address identified gaps and provide exceptional pastoral care and support to our students, ensuring their success and well-being in our community of learning.