MAY 29 2024

Module 3 - 29th & 30th May 2024

Course Type: Teaching

Module 3 - 29th & 30th May 2024

Course Type: Teaching


Module 3 - Assess performance and review teaching and learning 

This two day workshop covers all relevant aspects of assessment practice and gives you the opportunity to gain credit for Unit Standards: 4098: Use standards to assess candidate performance L4, (6 credits). Total 6 Credits. (2 days face to face – cost $725 + gst or Early Bird $675 + gst).  Please note, we have increased our prices for 2023 this is due to the rising costs of operations. 

Please note that while participation in Module 3 is required, achieving the unit standards is not necessary to be awarded the NZCATT level 4. However many providers and ITOs require them for consent to assess. We therefore strongly recommend completing the assessments.

The workshop will enable you to:

* Apply standards based assessment principles
* Assess knowledge and practical skills
* Plan assessment and preparing candidates
* Gather and verify assessment evidence
* Make assessment decisions
* Give feedback to candidates and recording assessment data.

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