Training for quality management


QED Associates has delivered Quality Management training to hundreds of organisations in NZ. We design and deliver to meet the training needs of education organisations lucky enough to deal with the changing and complicated nuances of NZQA, TEC and others.

Quality Assurance for Stakeholder Outcomes - micro-credential Contact Us to enrol now.

This is a series of online workshops in Quality Assurance for Stakeholder Outcomes and our first micro-credential, which was approved in 2019. The assessment tasks are designed so that after a needs analysis you build an action plan within your own PTE, meaning you can go confidently into any stakeholder discussion on Self Assessment for EER.

The following four workshops aren't assessed, don’t include Unit Standards, and don’t have or need NZQA approval. We regularly schedule these as public courses and tailor them in-house for various organisations.

Compliance accountability reportingsee next Compliance workshop dates here
This latest QED Associates workshop is intended for people in governance and management looking at reporting systems to meet internal and external QA needs. It focuses on defining the core PTE accountability tasks, dates and documents - and offers a range of solutions to ensure that you can be confident about your compliance.

Consistency Reviews  see next Consistency workshop dates here
This QED Associates workshop is intended for people with a primary or supporting role in collating sufficient evidence of consistency of graduate outcomes for New Zealand Qualifications Authority, whether or not there is a Consistency Review scheduled for that qualification.

Self Assessment for EER - see next EER workshop dates here
We have been improving this workshop since first offering it in 2011, based on what we know as a Category 1 provider, and member of ITENZ. Almost all participants at this workshop are also Category 1 or 2 providers, seeking to improve outcomes for their key stakeholders and ensure they interpret NZQA’s latest requirements appropriately. It is a rapid upskilling or review, and most participants leaving with a targeted list of things to do immediately.

Code of Practice - see next Code workshop dates here
The emphasis here is on achieving the intended outcomes for stakeholders, specially new and prospective students as well as the many relationships necessary to provide meaningful care for students as they adjust to life studying - specially international students. We provide the latest documentation and real life scenarios to ensure that your key staff are aware of their responsibilities in the eyes of NZQA and other stakeholders.